Kaplan Label Maker

Looking for an easy and convenient way to make labels for storage bins or activities in your classroom? Kaplan's free online label maker can help you make all the classroom labels you need.

Label Options
  • Add an image Click on + to add an image to the label
  • Add color You can customize the color of the label by clicking on Color. After selecting a color click Save
  • More labels If you need more labels, there is an add more option towards the bottom of the page
  • Use shopping cart If you have items in your shopping cart, clicking on load shopping cart will create labels for those items
Advanced Features (To enable advanced features, toggle the Advanced Features setting to on.)
  • Second line Click on to enable a second line of text
  • QR Code Click on to enable the addition of a QR code
  • All at once To enable the additional line or qr code for all labels at once, click All or All inside the Advanced Features area
  • Colored Dividers You can change the divider and qr code color by ticking the Colored dividers option. This uses the same color as the first line of the label.