National Science Foundation LogoConnect4Learning® is the research-based, classroom tested in interdisciplinary prekindergarten curriculum. Developed through funding from the National Science Foundation, it integrates research-validated teaching methodologies from early childhood experts in mathematics, science, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Why Connect4Learning®?

Too few prekindergarten classrooms provide opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary learning, choosing instead to focus on just one or two areas. Unsurprisingly, the United States still falls below other developed countries in literacy, math, and science proficiency. This gap is even wider for children living in poverty.

Closing that gap begins in pre-K.

We need a curriculum that connects with children's eagerness and readiness to learn.

Connect4Learning® was developed to meet this challenge.

Using research-based and classroom-tested foundations in literacy, science, social-emotional, and mathematics learning, Connect4Learning® weaves together all four domains to ensure that each subject is addressed meaningfully and comprehensively with each child.

Connected Science Experiments
Engaging Math
Engaging Math
Authentic Literacy
Authentic Literacy
Social-Emotional Development

Connect4Learning features six curriculum units that are focused on supporting children's development of ten comprehensive cognitive processes. These core processes are both domain specific and applicable across all four learning domains.

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Meet the principal investigators. The Connect4Learning® author team includes academic experts in all four domains of learning:

Julie Sarama, PhD

Julie Sarama, PhD

Kimberly Brenneman, PhD

Kimberly Brenneman, PhD

Douglas H. Clements, PhD

Douglas H. Clements, PhD

Nell K. Duke, EdD

Nell K. Duke, EdD

Mary Louise Hemmeter, PhD

Mary Louise Hemmeter, PhD

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Professional Learning

Together, Kaplan Early Learning Company and the author/research team have developed a comprehensive yet flexible training program.

Connect4Learning® offers a variety of in-person training opportunities that follow adult learning practices and are delivered with the goal of effective curriculum implementation in mind.

Additionally, Connect4Learning® provides helpful web-based modules that offer ongoing implementation support for users. The modules prepare teachers for upcoming units in an easy and interactive format. The modules review key unit concepts, offer helpful teaching tips and best practice strategies, and discuss the end-of-unit class project. Users can access the unit modules via their Connect4Learning® Teacher Portal login.

For professional learning options, call
1-800-334-2014 ext. 3252 or request more information.

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Connect4Learning® Classroom Kit

Connect4Learning Kit Contents

The Connect4Learning® Complete Classroom Kit includes unit manuals, handbooks, formative assessment, a one-year subscription to the online portal and hundreds of items, many exclusive to Connect4Learning®. From custom books written by the principal investigators to cards, games, and posters, the kit includes almost everything teachers will need for the initial implementation school year.

The Complete Classroom Kit includes:

Six Unit Manuals

The unit manuals outlining 32 weeks of lessons and learning centers:

  • Unit 1: Connecting with School and Friends
  • Unit 2: Our Environment
  • Unit 3: How Structures Are Built
  • Unit 4: Exploring Museums
  • Unit 5: Growing Our Garden
  • Unit 6: How We've Grown
Connect4Learning Six Unit Manuals
Teacher's Handbook
Teacher's Handbook

C4L also features a teacher's handbook to support the daily implementation of the curriculum and to ensure that each learning experience follows educational best practices. The handbook offers guidance to enhance teachers' understanding of learning trajectories and specific teaching techniques as well as suggestions for daily routines and transitions, play experiences, and more.

Principal's Handbook or Director's Handbook
Principal's Handbook or Director's Handbook

The director's handbook provides preschool child care center and Head Start directors with additional support when supervising the implementation of Connect4Learning® across their entire center or program. Similarly, the principal's handbook offers school administrators information and guidance when supporting the implementation of the curriculum across public school prekindergarten programs.

Classroom Book Set
C4L Classroom Book Set

The Connect4Learning® Pre-K Classroom Book Set includes both beloved favorites and custom texts written specifically for use with the C4L curriculum. Comprised of more than 120 titles, the collection includes both works of fiction and informational texts.

Large Card Set
C4L Large Card Set

Dozens of custom-made cards aid teachers as they implement lessons. The cards are designed for repeated use across multiple units and lessons. The large cards come in a sturdy storage container, complete with separation tabs.

Classroom Materials, Tub 1 and Tub 2
C4L Classroom Materials, Tub 1 and Tub 2

From playful puppets and pocket charts to math manipulatives and seven (7) custom games, the classroom materials tubs include specific items required to implement the curriculum. The custom games are classroom tested to make lessons engaging and fun for all learners.

Classroom Posters
C4L Classroom Posters

Nine custom-made classroom posters are designed to be visual cues to reinforce learning.

Classroom Consumables
C4L Classroom Consumables

Carefully designed to support the curriculum at a nominal ongoing cost per classroom, the consumable materials need to be replenished annually after the initial year of implementation. The set includes the Formative Assessment, science journals, stickers, and other items for use by children.

Online Learning Portal
C4L Online Learning Portal

One-year Subscription to Connect4Learning Online Portal: The portal provides digital access to lessons, formative assessments, and computer-based learning activities.


Connect4Learning® aligns to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework as well as many state-specific standards. Please click the links below to review the respective alignments in further detail. If you're interested in reviewing your state's alignment, please contact us.