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We’re for equal play.

Everything we make, and all that we do, is rooted in a simple ideal: to make educational play experiences equitable for all. At Kaplan Early Learning Company, we infuse our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion into all of our work. It drives how we build our teams and how we develop our products. It shapes our approach to business partnerships, and community collaborations.

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We have a lot of work to do, and we're just getting started. Join us in our journey to champion equity and inclusion; we invite you to explore what steps towards lasting change Kaplan is taking below.


At Kaplan, we recognize the human, not just the employee. As a corporate family made up of different faces, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, we know Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion means something different to everyone. But don't take our word for it; see what real members of the Kaplan community – and the DEI Committee – have to say.

Ruth Glenn, Compensation & Benefits Manager

Diversity, equity and inclusion is not just about recognizing that people are excluded consciously and unconsciously based on racial, cultural and social differences. It's exploring how we can improve our own spaces and communities to remove bias. When individuals feel valued in their own skin, everyone benefits. Diversity is the spark for innovation. It creates resiliency as we support each other and drives growth that benefits individuals, their families, communities and employers.

Ruth Glenn, Compensation & Benefits Manager
Kayla Conway, Content Production Specialist

To me, diversity, equity, and inclusion means creating safe, welcoming spaces where everyone is authentically represented, has a voice, and feels truly heard. On a deeper level, as a young female professional, DEI is particularly important to me because if I notice that other women don't feel safe or heard, or they're not succeeding in a space, then something is fundamentally wrong with the structure of that space. At the end of the day, diversity, equity, and inclusion, is so much more than bringing your own chair to the table if you're not invited – it's working together to build a new table where everyone has a seat.

Kayla Conway, Content Marketing Manager
Brandon Tucky, Operations Manager

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is a group of Kaplan employees from various departments and positions that come together to learn. As we learn, we then spread that lesson to the rest of our departments and teammates. In due time, this should result in a companywide shift of perspective: One that will be based on a new foundation of equality and understanding. Something I look forward to seeing happen and am proud to be part of.

Brandon Tucky, Operations Manager
Raven Griffin, Marketing Manager

This work is important because it highlights the need for action starting with a foundation of empathy, love, and respect and then holds us accountable to actually be catalyst for change. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee strives to provide tangible action items to inform, educate, celebrate, and prompt change within the Company, our local community, and to the Kaplan Community as a whole.

Raven Griffin, Marketing Manager
Lee Cardwell, Educational Technology Support Specialist

We're doing what we can to make our corner of the world a little bit better for everyone. We're trying to listen to what our coworkers have to say and are working to turn their words into actions that allow everyone to be heard, treated equally and to enjoy their time with Kaplan as much as we do.

Lee Cardwell, Educational Technology Support Specialist
Rhonda Colquitt, Customer Support

I believe this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sums up my thoughts best. "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right." If we all work together, change will and can come.

Rhonda Colquitt, Customer Support

Our Products Make a Difference

At Kaplan, we know a toy is never just a toy – it's the key to new worlds full of exciting adventures, it's a new best friend that looks just like you, it's an experience that lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

Multicultural Friends Puzzles - Set of 6

As a leading provider of educational toys and tools designed to support children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, we know that, often, our products are the first point of contact we have with educators and the children in their care. This is why it's critical that the products we offer are inclusive, represent diverse cultures and experiences, and give children the opportunity to feel seen in the tools they use to build rich and imaginative play experiences.

All About Me - Creative Open Ended Arts Kit

Working with professional DEI consultants Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither and Dr. Shana LeGrant of Hines-Gaither Consulting, Kaplan underwent an extensive audit of our merchandise and products. Within this audit, products across twenty-two product categories were evaluated by international representatives of various cultural backgrounds in the following areas: first impression, packaging, product design, content, graphics, developmental appropriateness, language, and gender. Products were also assessed for their overall variety, quality, durability, and inclusiveness.

Explore Your World: Indian Culture Books - Set of 4

As a result of this audit, Kaplan created a dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion category where customers can easily search, filter, and find the perfect products to bring culturally relevant and inclusive experiences to their classrooms.

Minority and Women Owned Businesses

Kaplan is proud to carry products created by Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

Two children playing with technology product

What is a Minority or Women Owned Business?

  • To qualify as a Minority or Women Owned Business, at least 51% of your company must be "unconditionally and directly owned and controlled" by one or more minority group members, or one or more women.
  • The business must also be operated on a daily basis by one of the women or minority owners.

Why is this important?

  • The United States Census Bureau reported in January 2021 that there are 1,141,410 reported women-owned businesses and 1,048,323 minority-owned businesses in the U.S. alone!*
  • By supporting Minority and Women Owned Businesses, Kaplan is supporting more than local economies and workforce development. We're supporting dreams and cultivating lasting partnerships that ultimately benefit those who matter most: the children we serve.

*Source: https://www.census.gov/library/visualizations/2021/comm/employer-firms.html

Community Resources

Leveraging our strong relationships with early childhood experts, researchers, authors, and more, Kaplan is proud to present a wide selection of timely and free Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources for educators, caretakers, families, and our employees.